Started blogging in April 2008, it never cross my mind to create my blog as a platform of information that will be read by so many people in Malaysia and around the world. It was more personal and private where I want to keep sweet memories of life events. My first official review writeup was in 2013, where I shared a scarf by an emerging clothing brand. But I did not take review writeup that serious back then.

It was only in 2018, when I was invited to join JDT Blogger, a community which gathers bloggers who are Johorean or are staying in Johor, that I started to take my blogging experience to a higher level. I am Sarawakian, but have been living in Skudai for more than 10 years now since I started my degree in 2006. Having going places here and there, I wrote more and more about travel, food and lifestyle experience. Through JDT Blogger, I met other writers from different background and niche during events coverage. From there, we can exchange our points of interests in bigger scope of views.

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Apart from the above, I also have collaborated with hotels, travel websites, F&B sellers, beauty products and others. You may have a look on my blog profile here: