杂志大人 is a platform intended to provide a place for
our fans and purveyors of good life to share and discuss about
lifestyle and trends within and beyond Johor.

In the hands of an experienced and bilingual publication design
& editorial team, MAGistrate 
杂志大人’s Facebook page and website, with our photo galleries and high-definition videos, exclusive
offers and interactivity, offers more ways of connecting people
with their passions (and your business).

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杂志大人 is a favourite with locals, visiting Singaporeans
and long-timers who are constantly on the lookout for ideas and
recommendations, be they reviews, interviews, expert opinion or
comments – as reference sources when choosing products and
services. Our prints are collected and used for years, while our
digital version is an instant source of information online.


Extending your mileages beyond the pages, MAGistrate 
reaches your target market through our integrated media
platforms, while social media is also an important element of our
role in the community. Our collaboration with other credible partners, across different industry and lifestyle segments ensure you reach the right target audience and maximise your investment.

Inspiring personal interaction through events such as road shows, travel fairs, property expos, product launches and charity drives, MAGistrate 
杂志大人 is everywhere you go.

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